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The Gospel According to Spiritism
Chapter 12
Love your enemies



5. The spiritist has still other motives for being indulgent towards his enemies. First of all, he knows that evil is not a permanent condition of mankind; that it occurs due to a temporary state of imperfection and that, just as children correct themselves of their defects, the evil man will, one day, recognise his errors and become good.

The spiritist also knows that death relieves him only from the material presence of his enemy, because this foe can continue pursuing him with his hate, even after leaving the Earth; that the vengeance, which was seized on, fails in its objective, as, on the contrary, causes more irritation, which is capable of continuing on, from one existence to another. It was up to Spiritism to prove, through the experience and the law which governs relationships between the visible and invisible worlds, that the expression: extinguish hate with blood is radically wrong; that the truth is that blood feeds hate, even in the after-grave. It is therefore up to Spiritism to offer a positive reason and a practical motive for forgiveness and for Christ's commandment: Love your enemies. There is not a so-perverse heart that, even though reluctantly, refuses itself to be sensitive to good behaviour. Before good proceedings, at least all pretext for retaliation is taken away, perhaps even transforming an enemy in a friend, before and after death. Through a bad behaviour, man irritates his enemy, who then becomes an instrument which God's Justice uses to punish those who did not forgive.

6. So, it is possible to find enemies amongst both incarnates and discarnates. The enemies in the invisible world manifest their malevolence by means of obsessions and subjugations, which can be frequently seen. These represent a kind of trials which, as the other types of trials, help in the process of advancement of man who, for this reason, should accept them with resignation and as a consequence of the inferior nature of this globe. If there were no evil people on the Earth, there would be no evil spirits around it either. Hence, if we are to be benevolent with our incarnate enemies, we have also to treat the discarnate ones in a like manner.

In days gone by, it was a custom to make bloody sacrifices of victims, in order to appease the hellish gods, who were none other than evil spirits. The hellish gods were substituted by the demons, who are the same thing. Spiritism shows us that these devils are merely the souls of perverse men and women, who have not yet disposed of their material instincts; that no one can be successful in appeasing them, except by sacrificing the existing hate, that is to say, by charity ; that this has the effect of not only stopping them in their evil practices, but also of bringing them back to the path of goodness and contributing to their salvation. In this way that the maxim: Love your enemies is not circumscribed to the Earth ambient and the present life but, rather, forms part of the great universal law of solidarity and fraternity.


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